This is the official website of St Clether Holy Well Chapel.

The chapel is a privately owned and maintained non-denominational Grade 2 listed building

It is situated about 1/3 mile (walk) from St. Clether parish church which is signposted from the A395

NGR SX202846

LAT.   50:37:55

LONG. 04:32:40




holloways cut deep into the moors edge

through a churchyard alight with dandelions

the path leads off across fields yellow with

vanilla gorse and celandine stars


the tiny meadow graced by ladies smock

violets hide under the hedgebank

a bumblebee drones above the rivers rush

the robin sings a welcome


here at Beltane held in a cup of blackthorn froth

water trickles into the basin

sunlit ripples strobe across the surface

meditate sky and cloud


the hand reaches to the fern clothed well

crosses the sanctity of time

holds the purity of water

the energy that meets here


links the past to now

stretches forward into the future

the lichened stones hold the presence

the spirit that pours peace into the land


Bob Woodroofe


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